RSHF Air Cooled After Cooler

Technical parameters
Rated working pressure:0.6~0.95MPa(g)
Inlet air temperature:≤80℃
Outlet air temperature:≤45℃
Cooling water temperature:2℃ 35 ~ ℃
Ambient temperature:38℃
Pressure drop:≤0.015Mpa

Product Features
Heat transfer medium flow by air go heat exchange tube (Double tube side)
Cooling water walk path
By high heat exchange the tooth thread copper tube
Set up automatic drainer

RSHF-100 Series connection is made by thread connection, RSHF(S)-150 Series connection is made by flange connection, Flange standard is HG20593/97, All the drainage outlet connection is thread connection.

Please contact us for inlet air temperature more than 100℃.