Pre-Cooler of Compressed Air

Gas inlet pressure: 0.4-0.95MPa
(Otherwise low pressure optional)
Gas inlet temperature: ≤45℃
Ambient temperature: 2℃~38℃ (Air cooler)
Cooling water temperature: ≤35℃ (Water cooler)
Cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa( Water cool)
Pressure drop: ≤0.01MPa
(Rated working pressure: 0.7MPa the following)
Gas outlet temperature: 3℃~8℃

Excellent design, ensure that air outlet temperature stability, small pressure drop.

The key parts imported brand.

Standard configuration with fault alarm instrument type;

According to customers' demand of supply: single chip icrocomputer PLC touch screen, etc.

Can meet the user from RS485 I/O, Profibus, Modbus to Ethernet connection and communication requirements.

RSLY series air precooling machine is through the cooling way to compressed air of the gaseous water condensed liquid,Then through the gas-liquid separator the separation process.
The product is mainly used in air separation and related industry technological requirements:
Need to compressed air for precooling,And ensure the outlet temperature in 3 ~ 8℃, such as: air psa nitrogen making, etc.

And changes of above dryer won't be informed. Pls contact ISHENG about special demands.

Configuration Chart of Compressed Air Purification System

Note:The above configurations are only for reference, users can adjust in accordance with the actual condition.