Together with TRCU certificate ,we go further in CIS market

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Since 2013, Belarus, Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other countries in order to make the trade between the alliance countries easier, and also to avoid the technical regulations barriers of import and export products within the customs union, the customs union legislation issued the compulsory customs union tr technical regulations certificate, and the customs union technical regulations certificate is the only certificate to prove that the product complies with the technical regulations of the customs union. The certificate is applicable to: all products within the certification scope of the Russian Federation of Customs in Belarus (CU) are required to apply for CU-TR certification. In order to better expand the CIS market and meet the special requirements of the local market, our company has successfully obtained TRCU004 / 010 / 020 / 032 series certificates, including Refrigerated Air Dryer, Adsorption Air Dryer, Filter, Water Separator and etc. In recent years, with the support of the certificate, our company has gradually expanded its export to the CIS market, covering steel, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining industry, etc., and has been well accepted by customers.

1.   RSLF (S) Refrigerated Air Dryer

2.   RSXB Blower Purge Adsorption Dryer

3.   RSXY Heat of Compression Adsorption Dryer

(Belows are some certificates obtained )

附件1TRCU 010,020,004-RSXY

附件2RSLF dryer TRCU010,004,020