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In recent years, iPhone seems to have lost the magic that grip the world. A Chinese brand, Huawei, has taken place of it. Sales of Huawei mall exceeded 500 million in the first minute.
It’s both unexpected but understandable of Huawei’s surpassing iPhone.
Huawei Mate30 is a smart phone integrating super computer, super camera, super remote control and super night vision with its leading tech. And the main parts of the HUAWEI Mate30 are all made in China. It means the rise of Chinese supply chain.
On top of that, we found many of Huawei’s component suppliers are RISHENG’s customers: Foxconn, BYD, Samsung, O-film, Shenzhen Shennan Circuits, WUS PRINTED CIRCUIT, AAC technologies, Goertek and so on.
As a pioneer in the field of compressed air drying and purification with nearly 30 years of history, we have our own experience on compressed air purification in electronic industry:

(1)PDP-20 degC is enough for the air used in the general workshop or for the instrument and control air source, some occasions just refrigeration dryer can meet the needs.

* PDP-20 requirements: in the case of large air capacity required, if the air compressor is centrifugal or oil-free screw type, a zero loss HOC dryer is recommended as a priority.

(2)Powder product pneumatic conveying, precision control instruments, high purity nitrogen production gas and other relatively high demand cases, normally DP-40 deg C is required.

* PDP-40 deg C requirements: preferred to choose the blower adsorption dryer, which can achieve a stable PDP -40degree C easily. If there is abundant steam or frozen water conditions, the technical solution can further optimize the energy saving. (in 2004, our company reformed the heating system of the blast equipment with on-site surplus steam in Shanghai Samsung electronics to achieve deep energy saving)

(3)When downstream air is used in LCD glass substrate, TFT, chip packaging and other processes, clean compressed air up to PDP-70degree C is often required, and most of the tower body and pipelines are required to be made of stainless steel:

* PDP-70degree C requirement: Zero loss blower adsorption dryer is recommended. However, a stable pressure dew point of -70degree C often requires the provision of cooling water on site (generally requirement: water temperature < 20degree C).

We firmly believe: 5G generation belongs to HUAWEI.
As one of Chinese companies, drafter of industry standards, Zhejiang manufacturing certification enterprise, RISHENG will always remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind: Focus on strengthening our professional field, strive to serve more outstanding national enterprises like Huawei!

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