Risheng celebrate 25th Anniversary

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On 29th January 2018, Risheng officially launched its 25th Anniversary celebrations.This is a special day for Risheng Family, president Mr. Zhan Jian, general manager Alex Zhang and customers from the world get together and celebrate in this big party.


At 14:00pm, all guests sign and enter into the hall.


Customer from UK


Customer from Thailand


Customer from Philippines


Customer from Japan


The anniversary celebration started with a wonderful drum performance, President Mr. Zhang Jian gave an opening speech and shared a video of Risheng 25 years history after that, each impressive moment was recorded by hundreds of pictures and made up RIsheng’s development history. Mr. Zhang Jian was full of boundless emotion to review the setbacks, challenges and frustrations RIsheng went through during 25 years and pay his most gratitude to the team who dedicate their time and efforts to the growth of the company , and to all the customers who trust and support us all the time and local government leaders. He also reminded us to”Remember our original intention”, never give up and bring Risheng a brighter future.



Eleven wonderful shows were performing in turns, the fantastic performance and excellent actors lit up the hall, especially for Roaming in the Clouds and Villain Dance, their creative ideas and amazing performance won the most of applause and cheers.




Roaming in the Clouds


Villain Dance


Belly Dance



One of Risheng’s most important customer Mr. CC Yu cut the anniversary cake with Mr. Zhang Jian, Alex and Edward.




The most exciting moment is award presentation and lucky draw, 3 top sales are Steven, Lion from key account department and Vicky from oversea department, the first prize is won by lucky Carolina and Uncle Zhang , congratulations to them!




Risheng 25th Anniversary was ended in 21:30pm, this is not only a happy ending for 2017 but also a hopeful beginning for 2018, let’s remember this important moment and continually fighting for a brighter future.
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