Large Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryersature

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Compact large refrigeration compressed air dryers are suitable for most smaller applications. Often we can find them in craft or garage workshops because they have smaller compressors and lower air consumption.

They are also used in systems when the main dryer in the compressor station is exploited (old or overloaded) due to thermodynamic conditions, and the buyer in a particular machine needs a strict requirement of the dew point. There it is usually proposed to buy new main dryer.

In most markets this represents a significant investment so they successfully replace it with the local refrigeration dryer. In these cases, it may be considered large refrigeration compressed air because it is smaller and more economical.

Some suppliers or manufacturers of pneumatic machines usually offer large refrigeration compressed air dryers as an option equipment for filtration and drying air (plasma cutters, lacquering chambers, ...). Since the consumptions are up to 1m3/min, large refrigeration compressed air dryer is the most appropriate.

Large refrigeration compressed airdryer series utilises a natural evolution of the patented ALU-DRY heat exchanger which is already established and well known for its high efciency. This new version is designed with easy to fit air connections which improves the internal flow pattern. Compact size, optimized layout and innovative solutions reduce manufacturing costs whilst maintaining the same levels of reliability, quality and attention to detail, at a very competitive price.


Large refrigeration compressed air dryer series is designed and manufactured with respect to the environment using R134a ozone friendly refrigerant and completely recyclable materials. The large refrigeration compressed air dryers are made of high quality materials and are made according to EU standards.

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