Large Refrigeration Compressed Air

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When you think about the examples above, you might wonder how large refrigeration compressed air is used in these situations. In the industry, it is used in two ways: as energy and as part of a process. These two types are referred to as Energy Air and Active Air respectively.

First of all, Energy Air is used for storing and transmitting energy in order to do mechanical work. More specifically, it is used to power pneumatic production equipment, air operated lathe chucks, pressure clean parts and to convey or cool components during production.

Active air, on the other hand, is required as an active and integral part of a certain process. In this case, the air comes in contact with the product therefore the air quality is very important. The clean, dry air quality, or CDA quality for short, can be enhanced by utilizing oil-free compressors and by treating the air using one of the many quality air tools available.

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