Dryer technologies

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Drying is an important component of the printing process and should also be matched to the application.

Two important topics in this area are the reduction in energy consumption and heat recovery. The latest technologies offer added value such as a reduced payback period.

RS-PD Series Prominent Dryer

Dries the printed product especially fast and gently. This produces a flawless result without the formation of bubbles. They operate as continuous RS-PD series prominent dryer using a combination of high-pressure hot air and medium wave infra-red radiation. Based on a modular design, the dryers can be supplied for every application in accordance with the customer requirements.

Refrigeration air dryer

The essential element in circulating air dryers is not the heat, but rather the air. Although equipped with high circulating air volumes, the refrigeration air dryers still maintain excellent sheet stability. The sheets can therefore be dried at low temperatures which saves on energy consumption.

Adsorption air dryer

A adsorption air dryer generally integrates two lamps, with each having 120 Watt/cm, in the hood of the cooling module. An infra-red filter and an efficient cooling system reduce the temperature on the substrate. This technology is especially suited for coatings.

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