Adsorption air dryer

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For heatless adsorption air dryers, it covers small modular units with aluminium profile body up to 82 m³/h, medium size twin-tower dryers with welded steel vessels up to 6,300 m³/h and big size or engineered dryers up to 30,000 m³/h, operating pressures up to 350 bar and pressure dew-points from -25°C up to -70°C.

Beside dryers with heatless regeneration, many kinds of different heat regenerated principles for energy-optimised operations at higher volume flows are available in order to match customers’ requirements at their best. Concerning heat regenerated adsorption air dryers, apart from different regeneration principles; we offer the possibility to link-in existing resources at customers’ sites, e.g. hot steam or cooling water with the potential of tremendous energy savings with a substantial reduction in total operating costs.

Activated carbon adsorbers, almost unlimited in size and performance are available and (non-regenerative) point of use dryers for the smallest amounts of compressed air complete the product portfolio.

All adsorption air dryers have been developed and are produced in-house, offering solid engineering. All dryers are equipped with latest technology, high-performance and user-friendly controller units, offering an easy, comfortable and energy saving operation of the dryer. Multiple interfaces as well as extended control opportunities, due to the possibility to connect external devices, offer the best possible integration into a compressed air system.

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